🤩 "I traveled astrally!"

When we begin astral travel, no one can say for sure how long it will take us to ascend. Even if astral ascent is our common finish line, then everyone has a start somewhere else. Someone doesn't even see the target and another is a few meters away. It can be satisfying for us that everyone who perseveres eventually reaches the finish line.
Below we present Ládi's own story, who ascent after only three days, thanks to freely available materials on our website.
"The video worked absolutely wonderfully (note - the video "First steps to astral travel". You can find it on the main page of myastralbody.com), thanks to it, I traveled astrally for the first time today, and I didn't know that such a thing was even possible three days ago. You mentioned, that you will be happy if we write how it went with us.

First encounter

So: three days ago I came to your site for the first time. I was just drawn to it :). I was looking for something about telepathy, I don't even know why. I was very interested in the article, finally someone explains it without telling me how many candles to light, that the moon must be full and so on. So I looked at what all you have on the site. I was immediately attracted by the dreams, I've experienced that before, so I knew what you were talking about, everything fit to me perfectly. Of course, I couldn't ignore the astral travel that you talk about all over the place, so I thought, yeah, I want that. And I started reading.

I've spent at least 10 hours on your site and it never ceases to amaze me what is possible. I appreciate every article that is there, and even when I read it for the fifth time, I find something that I "missed/misunderstood" before. I find that I have experienced a lot of the "Abilities" you write about, but I didn't know what they were. You definitely have my full trust, you just know exactly how I feel, it fits to me every time and through you I have discovered a lot of answers that I had searched for for years with no success.

Aura tutorial

I tried to look at my aura according to your instructions. I didn't have a quiet room or a candle, but I read the article, so I instinctively looked at my hand and immediately see "fog". I didn't even try, I just read the article and suddenly there she was. Then, when I tried to see it more clearly, it "disappeared". After half an hour of looking at my hand, when nothing was happening (I tried very hard and was not calm), I gave up. And at that moment a "flame smoke" started dancing in front of my stomach. Today I can already see the aura quite well. You have convinced me that the instructions really work, so I tried astral travel as well.

The first night

I realized that I was already doing the release of the astral body (or rather my fingers), I had learned that completely unconsciously. I just found it on myself when I was about 10 years old. So my hands went right away, I moved my astral fingers perfectly fine. The legs went immediately on the second attempt. On the third attempt, when I purposefully tried to relax my body, I lost consciousness. But I didn't know that yet, I only read that later. So during that day (more like night), I tried about five times, but each time I passed out within 15 minutes. I wondered why I had no dreams. I usually remember them and have maybe five a night. So I opened your site and it was there right away.

Second night and changes are starting to happen

So I tried again the next day, but I knew I couldn't pass out. I was unsuccessful again, but I made some progress, but what really surprised me was that I was in that meditation for almost three hours. Something completely unexpected for me. I had never managed more than 30 minutes before. I also read about my dwarf on your site. Learning about it completely changed my mind. It suddenly wanted to go meditate rather than go to lunch, for example. A big change for me. The very next day I noticed how my life was changing for the better at a crazy pace. I also managed to loosen my stomach that evening, but it caused me to spin and fall backwards into the "tunnel", which of course my body was afraid of, so it pulled me back every time. Then I played your video on how to astral travel. I understood that the spinning is actually only in me, so it doesn't have to be there. So instead of falling backwards, I turned it around and fell up and forward. Quite a major change for me. Thanks to that, I started to shift. When I managed to free my head, fear pulled me back again. Once I managed to lift myself up, but fear immediately pulled me back.

Third night - SUCCESS!

Then I played your audio meditation for ignoring thoughts. I couldn't do it at all, as soon as I lay down, my heart started to beat terribly fast and in those 20 minutes I couldn't calm down. On top of that, my hands became relaxed on their own and began to move on their own. That bothered me a lot too. And what I still don't understand is that I saw with my eyes closed. I don't know where it came from, but it just didn't suit me well during meditation. It stopped after about half an hour. In general, I have problems with concentration. Then I tried to astral travel straight from that meditation, I had time, so why not. After a while, I stopped feeling my body (as always before), but what was new was that I started to "boil", I've already read about it on your page and I probably can't describe it. I just had bubbles going through me, it was pretty intense. It took about an hour. Then I heard a voice, I think it was a guide. I asked myself what to do now and he answered me: just sit down, it's not difficult. So I slowly sat down, it was quite difficult for me. My whole body was twitching, probably scared. It took me about 5 minutes to lean out of my body. At that moment the tunnel that was helping me focus sucked me in and I realized that I had forgotten to breathe so I was only out for a split of second. At first I thought I didn't get out, that it was just another attempt, but when I opened my eyes, I found that I had really traveled.

Huge life change

My whole world changed. My astral body did not "disappear". As always before that, I still felt him in me, I still do. It feels like I've grown wings, literally. I feel bigger, I perceive everything as if with perspective, it's not really real. I hear everything, I see everything, I feel everything, it's not like before when I kind of ignored it. I have such a childlike joy in life. So far, no one has managed to spoil my mood. I'm not afraid of anything now. It's an interesting feeling. I keep spreading my arms, I can't get enough of the feeling. I want to touch everything, and I do it. I want to taste everything, try it. I enjoy every sound and smell. I just enjoy life, as if I were born again and need to try everything again. It definitely changed my life. When I finish writing this, I'll go try to astral travel again, this time maybe I won't try to breathe and maybe I'll even see something. Thank you so much for allowing me to experience this, actually enjoy this life. There are probably going to be a lot of mistakes and I'm sure I forgot something so it's going to be a little confusing, but I hope it's readable. I'm really curious about where I'll be tomorrow, and what will happen in a year, unimaginable for me :) "

Láda, the astral traveler

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