How to see the aura

The aura is the energetic envelope of the body consisting of the basic elements. The colour of the aura varies according to the element prevailing in a particular body. We can observe the aura of literally everybody or everything: people, animals and even stones (although with little radiation only, but it is possible).

Those who decide to see the aura or astral sphere usually try many different sets of instructions. Let me show you a simple and intuitive procedure that makes it very easy to gain this new ability.

A simple guide to practical aura observation

In the dark, sit about 2 metres from a white wall, light a candle and put it behind your back. (The candle is supposed to be the only source of light in the room).
Stretch your arm in front of you (you can rest your elbows on your knees), with your fingers pointing up and the palm facing the wall. Keep your eyes on the wall, but through your hand. Look at the wall as if the hand wasn’t there. By seeing the wall sharply, your hand blurs and makes shadows. Watch the same spot for 3 to 30 minutes and you should not blink your eyes all the time, as blinking them would unnecessarily prolong your learning.

Do not concentrate on only being able to see the aura. Laughing and a good mood help release the burden of the task from you.  Take it all as a game and everything is going to happen, unforced. You will intuitively start being able to see the aura, as this ability is innate in us.

Over time, you’ll be able to see a nebula, a shadow, a kind of white smoke around your fingers and palms, and that’s what we want.
I’m not saying that you can see the aura right away. You are learning, aren’t you? Take a break for a few minutes or a day and try all over again.

Now you will see more clearly and you just need to look for a very short time to see the beautiful aura. Now you can see how the aura wraps around each finger. This is the main aura – about 2 centimetres from the body.

If you continue practising, then you will surely see other auras – more of your bodies that emit energy (thanks to the electrical and magnetic fluids they make up). The second aura can be seen at a distance of about 5 centimetres from the body. Another at about 20 cm, then 50 cm, 100 cm. A healthy person shines a 1 to 2 metre aura around them and if you are very receptive, then you will see that it is perfectly normal for a person to emit both 10 m and 100 m.

According to the teachings of the Tibetan lamas, every person even reaches an aura of slightly over 10 km.

This ability constantly improves

In order to gain a detailed view and be able to see colours, enjoy a training session every day. Try to observe the aura while going by bus, car, when walking down the street to see people, or when just strolling through nature. As a result, you can see the auras of people around you or even those of trees as you travel. In humans, observe especially the head, as the auric radiation is often the strongest there. And it is not affected by the colour of clothing. (Clothing also has its own aura, so try to observe places with bare skin.)

If you have the possibility, the best way to learn is to try to observe somebody else’s aura. Therefore, I would recommend to agree with someone you know to learn together from each other. Focus on the auric radiation from the head, then along the entire body. Whether you sit or stand is not important. The most important thing is to make the observation as comfortable as possible.

Some people are able to see the colours of the aura immediately, other people after a month, someone even after a longer period of time. But if you do want to succeed, you will be able to see everything.

Acquiring the ability within 30 minutes is therefore very real.

Why is it good to be able to see the aura colours?

In humans, animals, beings, in nature, or whoever/whatever else you decide to observe, you will usually see more colors around them. Mostly, there are some prevailing or dominant colours. Every colour can be attributed to a unique property I’ve seen over the years:

Meaning of aura colors, or astral view on another person


Creative charismatic properties

  health, openness, self-knowledge
  joy, support, simplicity
  playfulness, freedom
  enthusiasm, harmony
  intuition, understanding, loyalty
  peaceful experience, intellect
  spiritual power, meditation knowledge
  loving, happy
  subtlety, love, inner experiencing
  quick reaction, lack of thoughtfulness
  trust, hope
  force, power, activity
  calmness, focus, optimism
  determination, self-knowledge
  moderation, subtlety


Decomposing charismatic properties

  illness, closedness, dependence, negativity
  gossip, envy, jealousy
  internal irritability
  negligence, sadness
  arrogance, stubbornness
  abuse of spiritual power
  greedy, seeking
  betrayal, sadness
  planned or intended plotting
  arrogance, fraud, attack
  distracted, whimsical
  strength, personal slowness

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