Astral and mental travel - guide

Astral and mental travel - guide

The experience of leaving the physical body is perfect in the sense that it allows you to perceive the world even more with your senses and in the indescribable purity of being. All impressions and even your very existence find itself at higher levels. The way to the ascension of the soul (astral body) can be found through transitory abilities such as being able to ascend with the spirit out of the body (mental travel).

If you have not yet succeeded in astral travel in spite of these instructions, then mental travel will do better for you as it does not impose so many demands on your thoughts control.

On the other hand, traveling in this way offers you a less emotional experience, you are not fully immersed in travelling and you perceive everything as if it were seen through a pane of glass. However, everything is absolutely real, which you can confirm for yourself for example by means of a trip to see a friend. Moreover, after you master spiritual travel, you are just a small step from mastering astral travel, too.

For astral and mental travel or other out-of-body experiences, it is necessary to calm down your mind and have practical experience with our bodies (physical, soul, spirit).

Let’s show everything through the first stage. We are going to learn to know ourselves through our minds. The second stage will be spiritual travel and the third stage will be astral travel.

The first level: Mastering the mind

1) Observing the mind
Sit down comfortably, set an alarm clock for 5 minutes’ time, close your eyes and observe your mind during this time. Do not create any thoughts, just observe them. Feel calm. Allow some time to do so and you’ll find out how to work with your mind. Follow this procedure every day, in the morning after waking up and in the evening before going to bed for one week, i.e. 14 times.

What you get: This exercise gives you the mental immunity you need for both astral travel and daily life.

2) Mastering a single thought
Did you make it? Then choose a simple object such as a pencil, a pebble, a mug, and look at it for 5-10 minutes as concentrated as you can be. It is important to focus on all its folds, colours and unique features. Now set the alarm for 10 minutes and close your eyes again. Calm down your mind and imagine or visualize this simple object. You have to recall the object as perfectly as if it was completely physical. Do this exercise for at least a week, too.

What you get: This exercise will give you the focus ability you need for astral travel, as you will need to be able to lie at least twenty minutes without moving your body. In everyday life, you will be surprised by a significant improvement in all of your skills.

3) Be yourself
Observe your empty mind for ten minutes. Do not welcome any thoughts, do not create anything now, just enjoy the peace in your mind. If anything comes, just move it forward, as nothing is important at this moment… You can consider this degree completed if you have mastered all the exercises and you are able to observe your mind for at least 5 minutes without interruption.

What you get: The most important quality of every being, through which you can experience and create both in life and higher realms just what you consciously want. For… this is your life…

Tip: How to prepare even better? Let yourself be guided by instructions to control your mind.

The second level: Mental travel

1) Swinging
Now lie down or sit down in your favorite position, enter into meditation with controlled thoughts. Realize your physical body, then your spirit and then you will find that the spirit has the shape of the body and even extends beyond it. You can move more freely in the body while the physical body remains calm. Do exactly this now – just swing a centimeter from side to side … Again in the morning and evening, for one week.

2) Provisional world
Once you have mastered this, remember that you want to travel mentally. Using your mind, create a “dream” world in which you will be moving around. At this point, do not think of your physical body anymore but bring your entire mind to the point in time this world was created. Enjoy doing this exercise for a week, too.

3) Next room
You have certainly reached success, so it is time to visit the next room in your apartment. The procedure is the same, just do not create a “provisional world”, but think of the next room you know very well. Recall everything with utmost perfection, you have to feel like you’re there! In this weekly exercise, choose 2-3 such rooms.

4) Unknown room
Now go to your friend’s room (with their permission), and repeat spiritual travel over and over again until you are able to describe what changes have occurred in the room.

Travel to other rooms you use and pay attention to details unknown to you. The beginnings tend to be harder, but after the 10th travel you will gain more confidence and by the 50th travel your success rate will definitely be very high. Those who travel more often will reach perfect success. Do not be demanding at the beginning, you want to see contours first … and then more.

Dan: “In your video on matter #5 you talk about mental travel. This training is absolutely amazing! Yesterday I trained it in deep meditation and moved to my favorite place in the tea room to see a friend in Hodonín and perceived the atmosphere clearly. So I’m getting used to my consciousness being separated from the body and it is cool! ”

The third level: Astral travel

If you have proceeded conscientiously, it means you have already mastered mental travel, you can even visit other worlds, such as forest beings, the afterlife, the universe, or go to see your friends to see what they are writing on a piece of paper and then confirm what they wrote in reality.