Astral travel guide

Everyone can get out of their body, undertake a journey with their soul, and then return to their physical body again. The experience is more real than we would expect. In addition, we are able to describe what was happening in distant places which we otherwise could not have any information about.

Getting out of your body for a short period of time, or performing astral travel, can be accomplished in many ways. We will show you our instructions, from travellers who have made it very simple. No pointless information, only real astral travel.

You can customize the procedure according to your needs, as I have been intuitively performing out of body experiences since I was a child, even when travelling in public transport. It will therefore be different for each of you and everyone will need a different depth of practice.

Who am I?

In the beginning, it is appropriate to accept that your Self is not only physical body, but is composed of other bodies:

1. physical body (tangible),
2. astral body (charismatic, or soul)
3. mental body (consciousness, or spirit).

Just as a baker learns to bake bread from the beginning and only becomes a master after several years, it is utterly appropriate for us to start astral travel from scratch. Nicely step by step to gain self confidence. 


What is the first astral journey like?

 My first experience with astral travel began at the age of 18 and after 9 months of daily preparation I successfully travelled for the first time. It’s an amazing and powerful experience!

However, before this happened, I had to experience a large number of intermediate stages before I was ready to break away from the body for a short while.

In the astral world you feel no physical need or desire. You experience peace and have totally free movement independently of your material body… There is no gravity and you just freely fly through space that is not limited by walls.

When you return to your body, you might experience a shock because suddenly everything is so limited by gravity, colours, shapes, sounds, … But… you have just experienced something that is in fact more real than you have ever experienced…

Get inspired by the article: The first astral travel opens a new world


Step by step guide to astral travel:

1) Control your mind
You can find the most simple and effective guide in the article: Guide for the development of your mind.

2)  Relax your body
Lie down comfortably on your bed, put your arms at your side, with legs outstretched, eyes closed. Calm down your mind. Prepare to experience more than a hundred new states that are very welcome and interesting for you.

Using your mind, start relaxing your body. Now let your inner voice inform the Universe that you want to perform astral travel and ask for protection and proper guidance. For the moment, you just want to take a peek…

Do not hurry anywhere. Everything only depends on your abilities and it is not worth hurrying. Begin to relax from your little toe, gradually to your knees, thighs, to your hips. The release should last about ten minutes and you should breathe naturally all the time, preferably through your nose.

Now release the fingers of your right arm, continue through the wrist to the shoulder. Repeat the same for the left arm.

Our feet and arms are relaxed, next focus on the tummy. Once your tummy is released, it is very likely that you will feel strong tingling in it, possibly even the inability to move your feet. Please get used to this condition, it’s okay. 

You go on relaxing the whole body pretty slowly, further to the chest, shoulders, neck, face, the whole head. Relax also the space above your head. Enjoy this state. Perceived emotionally, the release will take ten more minutes.

Focus on just one thought: “I am performing astral travel,” i.e. you want your astral body to temporarily detach from the material body, experience the astral sphere and return to the material body after a while.

You have now brought your material body to a state of full relaxation, and at this very moment you are beginning to easily separate your astral body from the physical body. You may feel as if you are starting to separate from your physical legs, as if you are floating a bit. It’s a very real feeling and it depends on your practice. It is a very real feeling, much more real than the ones you have known so far…

The more often you practice, the better your astral travel will be. Feel your floating astral body about 1 to 4 cm away from your physical body.

Repeat the release, starting from the tummy, continuing with the chest and the head. At this moment, you may quite often feel strong tingling in the tummy, an unpleasant wobbling of the head as if you were on a merry-go-round and dizziness. It is really strong and you can feel that this is a great experience. 

Now it’s up to you… take your first step…

In order to return to the material body again, try to feel your head, shoulders, hands, chest, tummy, left leg, right leg. Proceed very slowly. When appropriate, you can drink some water to help you settle back further into your physical body.

3) It is absolutely natural

You already know how to control and release your mind, therefore you know how to overcome the natural fear of something new and move on. You may also fully accept the fact that you are cared for at all times and that you are safe thanks to your peace of mind.

4) Astral travel separation methods

A) Floating
As soon as you know you are safe, the astral body will retreat from your physical one. Now you are floating about 20 cm above your physical body. It is a very interesting feeling… Try to get higher…. and even higher…

Suddenly you are floating and looking at the body beneath you, thinking something like: “What is this? Is it really my body made of flesh? …” It is real, almost incredibly real because your astral body is actually floating in the room and it’s amazing and powerful.

B) Sit down (Sidris’s favourite method)
Using your astral body to sit down similarly like you do it with your physical body. Feel it the same as the physical body but if you want to move your hand, you do not move the physical body – which, by the way, it is not possible anyway in this state of relaxation. Move the astral body – you literally feel your hand moving, while the physical body is lying on the bed.
Try to do the same with the other hand, legs, chest, head. You will feel yourself and be surprised that you are something other than the body lying on the bed… Next, it will all work by itself…


Note: It is possible that instead of walking in your room, you end up in different places. In astral or other worlds. Prepare yourself here: How does it look in other astral worlds including the afterlife?


When is the best time of the day for astral travel?

For Sidris, leaving his physical body has always been the easiest between 3 and 5 a.m., when the physical body is tired, but the other bodies and mind are functioning normally. You are in a state where the physical body is so tired that it toddles and urgently needs to sleep, and euphoric thoughts enter the mind.

We have seen the greatest success when you do something in order not to fall asleep at that moment. It is not appropriate to be mentally tired, so it is advisable to rinse your face with cold water or have some green tea, which supports the mind. Coffee, on the other hand, is completely inappropriate because it stimulates the physical body.

I gave myself unguided meditation for relaxation before sleep. I had no thoughts and after a moment I was in a total trance and then it happened. I had astral separation! It was so fast, that I lay for 10 minutes and was wondering if it was real or not. Suddenly my body started to vibrate very fast, in a moment I was as light as a feather and I could see the ceiling so close, that I was able to recognize a hole in the wall. I freaked out a bit, my hand moved and I was back. I had goose bumps on my body for at least another 30 minutes, I was cold, smiling and very excited at how incredibly energized I was after two difficult days. It was almost impossible, amazing, exciting, incredible, light, gentle, spontaneous, unexpected, unwanted, among many other things and fully experienced. A life changing experience. I am looking forward to another one. Míša

Be safe

1) First learn how to control your mind (HERE),
2) It is pleasant to be comfortable in your home. To have around you only your power or protection (HERE), that helps to keep your mind clear.
3) If you have worries, we can help you HERE

Read the story by astral traveler Monika.

Return to the body

If we want to return from the astral body to the physical one, it is sufficient to have only an idea of the return. If necessary, create the Force making the entry into the material body instant. It helps to have a container with cold water next to your body and it is enough to touch it with your astral or material hand.

Have a confirmation of your astral travel experience

Have a confirmation of your astral travel to gain real experience. You will have a confirmation of your travel and will thus know that it is not just a fantasy. This is important in order to awake and be able to see beyond matter. Be inspired by Jaroslav, astral traveler:

“I gave myself a proof. I had a look in my bathroom to the mirror cabinet from above it and I saw an electrical wire for lights. When I got up on a chair, to look up there, it was really there. I was surprised, because it was a new apartment and I had never looked there before.”

Subsequent astral connection

As soon as you succeed in astral travel, you will get a lot of information and many ideas from other worlds for a few days – impressions, intuition, etc. You will become more spiritually aware, you will be more open (but possibly also more vulnerable) and will have to learn to use your new property-ability-experience.

How is it? Read: “I leave my material body spontaneously” 

Travel happily

The main thing is to take things with optimism and truly cheerfully. Try to see it as children’s games, and your astral travel will work perfectly. Do not push yourself into anything, enjoy yourself and your efforts. Well, at least you work a lot spiritually on your personal development, because that’s worth it.

Further travel and communication with the essentials

If you went as far as seeing beings, please stop being interested in them. Now is NOT the right moment for such an experience! You want to experience astral travel – and communication with beings should be the next step when you have already traveled at least ten times. It’s safe, but you must learn the basics to get started. Let’s not hurry anywhere, there is enough time and it pays off. We are also dealing with that directly on the journey of student of <Astral.University> and and on the astral travel course.

How long does it take to get out of the body for a short time?

I was very ignorant and for nine months, I tried this procedure with confidence and playfulness every night before going to bed. Do you want to travel? Then do make a habit of practicing astral travel. I succeeded after nine months.

Some time during the ninth month I asked for the first time in my life with an inner and serious, intimate and sincere voice – I finally sensed the full request to God (you can substitute God for Universe / Nature / etc…) for astral travel. Only then did I succeed. That is why I am writing this long procedure for you, with all its details and truthfully.

An honest effort is worth it.

You are going to travel astrally with us. Done.
The beginnings of astral travel can be very different for each of us. While someone is standing at their bed instantly and can set out to explore the intangible world, others move step by step and experience the feelings of a small child who is just learning to see and walk in the astral world. Read astral travel stories that may be yours as well.

“Suddenly I see everything in motion. As if no matter exists - the real things I use every day and I believe they are here - suddenly they do not exist. In this state, I would be able to believe that everything around me is just an outgrowth of my imagination and that only this ever-flowing energy of indeterminate shapes is real and there is nothing else. ” Lucie


„I got out of the Matrix and I know there's no way back. But who would really want it anyway? ” Jirka


“I ascended astrally from my body. I looked out the window and thought that I could actually walk through the wall, so I took two steps through and it parted as if someone was projecting it into space. I stood on some ledge outside the wall, leaning down from the second floor, feeling the fresh night outdoor breeze, and I was happy about it.

It was really interesting that during the experience I returned from outside the body to the body every moment and only discreetly checked how it was and my experience was not interrupted at all. I was deliberately going to the body because I was afraid of forgetting everything after waking up, so I always woke up a little to save every bit of the action consciously.

Astral travel is amazing and you showed me how to do it at the Astral Travel Workshop

My body was really asleep, and when I woke up I was fresh and full of sleep and thought that this really extends life, that it is possible to consciously live even during sleep - and that was a wonderful feeling.

We can really consciously get out of the body without the risk of death, and that this state can be consciously controlled and trained in it. Actually, I found myself on the verge of a whole new world and I would like to explore it a little (or more)! :-) “

The full story from astral traveler Šárka on: How I traveled astrally after the Astral Travel Workshop.


“I fly up above the roof of the house and I look at very distant houses, like looking at google maps.” Martin, read here


I already felt like a mask was peeling from my face, it was coming from my nose. Well, I was out. Then I got out  that day several times and tried to see what people were doing. But I knew who and where they were working, so it wasn't enough proof for me, I would figure this out myself. I got the idea to look at the clock and go back immediately, and indeed the clock showed the time exactly to the minute :) Then I also remembered that it was enough to turn around and I was elsewhere. And then I asked myself different questions and suddenly I knew everything, I knew that the answers were right, a strange feeling :) " Petra, astral traveler


“After two years I made it! In astral, it seemed to me to be normal, no excitement as if I was still there with no emotion. Then I got the idea to look at my body there in bed, but just after a second a faint blue of aura began to emerge, and within seconds the flesh and skin of my organs shone through until I saw only my skeleton emitting an incredibly strong blue force. I have been traveling astrally for about a month, because I don't have the chance to fall asleep until I finish meditation. ” Martin


“I'm traveling astrally! Every day for two years I have honestly sensed my astral body, and today I normally sit down! So far, this is enough for me, I am satisfied, my problem is that I need absolute peace, which is sometimes difficult to find in the house. I perceive some kind of vibration which I can feel and it will help me a lot. I am in the research phase so I cannot describe it well. I want to thank you for helping me like this, it is a beautiful journey I took. ” Žaneta


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