I really looked into the astral world - now I live differently

On the path of the student of <Astral.University>, we follow knowledge only through pure practice. Only your personal experience, your real experience, will leave an irrefutable mark on you, and then you just don't believe anymore - you already know. Just as the student of <Astral.University> Voupo was convinced in the meditation of sight. She really saw everything she described in the article with her physical eyes open. Not by the inner sight in meditation.

This is a magical world!

I sit in the living room on the couch and observe the opposite wall, which zooms in, zooms out, disappears, returns again, changes shape, and color. Various shadows run across the wall, creating vague shapes and constantly moving. It's like a projection that makes no sense at first, but I'm incredibly fascinated. Now it is not just the opposite wall that is moving, but the whole room.

All the things that are around me (and I know they are there because I've touched each of the things many times) - as if they weren't suddenly. It is one great energy that is constantly in motion. Suddenly I see everything in motion. As if no matter existed — the real things I use every day and I know are there — suddenly don't exist. In this state, I would be able to believe that everything around me is just a figment of my imagination, and that only this ever-flowing energy of indeterminate shapes is real and nothing else.

This fascinating "empire", in which I try to stay as long as possible, finally makes me know one amazing fact - and that is that the only fixed point in this room/apartment is myself! That's an amazing discovery I've made. 

But one unanswered question still remains for me ...

If I am unable to see the wall that is normally there, I must be able to see through the wall into the next room. Or not? Well, I haven't succeeded yet, but I believe that it will happen one day. So gradually I'm going back to reality (although after this experience I'm not entirely sure what reality is and what isn't, which of the two worlds is actually real and which isn't?) - this return is the most interesting and powerful, what I have experienced so far on the path of the student of <Astral.University>.

I return to the ordinary world/matter as if through a certain trance, although I can see and perceive the wall, furniture, and surrounding things that I can touch, I still seem to look through them (such as looking into a fool) ... I'm here on the sofa in the living room, and yet I'm not quite here yet. According to the clock, I find that I was in the "magic world" for a little over half an hour. Which sounds like a decent performance to me :)

However, waking up / returning to a state where I am able to get up and go do anything takes a little over an hour. Although I move my physical body (or at least I'm convinced it's a physical body all the time) I can't seem to settle down - like I'm somewhere halfway .... An incredible chill is coming that lasts for an hour - my hands are like a piece of ice. My body does not hurt (meaning physical), but it is in a completely different state than I am usually used to. I feel the energy flowing in every part of my body, it's like that nice, but a very strong tingling inside.

I must say that despite the horrible chill, I enjoy the whole hour when I wake up. It's something incredibly intense, powerful, and yet pleasant - the energy doesn't leave me alone. Although I do not dare to get up, because my head is still shaking slightly - I have a constant need to move, stretch, constantly change my sitting position, I definitely can't and don't want to be calm. It's a complete feeling of ecstasy. "

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