I ascent astrally in the course: the story of Marian

Marian has only tried astral travel four times in his life. Three times unsuccessfully, he then signed up for our astral travel course, which he thoroughly enjoyed. He soon performed beautifully astrally. His preparation was regular meditation for three months. (By the way, have you tried our audio meditations lead by Sidris?)

As he stepped out, he felt a lot of air pressure and thought the window was open. But lets Marian talk …

"Hello friends, Sidris and Terí, I finally have nice news for you ... :) So yesterday it finally worked out. :)

It was very late, about half-past one in the morning, while I was listening to my favorite Audiobook, Sensei from Shambala. There were stories about the astral world and similar topics when I said to myself that I am going to try to relax my astral body.

I was already terribly tired, as I had already told you at the first three unsuccessful signs of a ascend over the last year. But it occurred to me that I would still be able to do some relaxation and, at worst, just fall asleep, right after the release the little toe on my right leg.

To my surprise, I began to feel my heart pounding and the pressure in my ears. But our dog Rikinko slept on my legs, so I knew it probably wouldn't work. Dogs can perfectly guard our souls. As soon as I noticed that the pressure in my head and chest was increasing, in my mind, I asked Riki and my body to let me go. Our dog Riki got up in a moment, yawned, shook off the fur coat, and bounced down next to me. It was clear to me that the relaxed astral legs had been disrupted and probably it would not work. :)

So I finished it on a theoretical level and gradually returned to the body in thought, and I thanked my body and Riki for letting me go.

Then I crossed my arms behind my head and went to sleep in gentle meditation until I fell asleep completely. It was really late .... Within 5 minutes, the strange states returned, and in my meditation, I was suddenly very careful not to be emotionally discouraged, as during previous attempts.

As it grew so strong, I remembered your words, Sidris, "go out!" "I want to go out !!!" Suddenly, as if across my chest, I gently and elegantly stretched over my body, but only behind the bed to the end, where I remained levitating about half a meter above the ground.

I could only see in front of me and below me, I had my body behind my back ... But it was dark as it is usually around 02:00 in the morning. It was clearly visible only a faint reflection of the moonlight from behind the blinds on the windows, and I saw the open closet in front of me and our floor with its real appearance. That open closet is my only verified little proof.

That typical darkness is the only thing that concerns me, but if the astral travel should be in present, it was as expected around 2:00 in the morning. I wanted to move somewhere quickly so that I could immediately get real evidence of something in the apartment, or it occurred to me that I would go to my wife Aďka for a night shift in the hospital and I will immediately call her, as I saw her, so that she will confirm it to me. Unfortunately, I couldn't get to the ground at all, or move anywhere, or turn around and at least look at my body.

This brief helplessness probably released my emotions, and suddenly my body pulled me back quite elegantly and gently, and all of a sudden I could only see the ceiling in front of my eyes. The "paralysis" of the material body after returning was short and pleasant, and within a few seconds I was able to move the body again.

I probably have to wait for the convincing evidence of the performance. During those few seconds really wasn't time for any evidence. But this experience has already strengthened me a lot on my journey of self-knowledge, as well as that death is a beautiful experience, as long as it always works that way. :) ”

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