Reality is not real

On the course of astral travel, I said that I feel as if in a fog, that I do not perceive the world realistically, but as in a dream ... I come across as trapped halfway between the astral realm and the physical realm..

I'm neither there nor here. It is very difficult to really feel the world around me, the singing of birds, the wind, the touch of grass ... I feel everything, but everything is suppressed, subdued. Exceptionally, I manage to really get into reality, and I try very hard to guard my conscious experience. It just occurs to me that it's not entirely real, and I don't know how to get to a state where it's real. I remember that in the past I was able to enjoy everything and perceive it very realistically. Even when meditating with the crystal, I perceived the meadow I was on as realistically as the world I am physically in ... but both actually seem like a dream to me.
Ilona Němcová, astral travel course, class 2016

Terí Sidris

You have exactly the same condition as me, Sidris and many others. We no longer really perceive this matter as real, but rather as a dream. At first, these states are challenging, but over time, when I dare to accept this state, comes a wonderful feeling of peace and freedom.

We already know that we only have our own sphere, which is as big as we wish. It can be tiny, which includes only the family and the surroundings of the home, but it can also be international when we decide to create big things. This decision is up to us.

I'm currently sitting in a cafe watching people walking by, and I really feel completely uninvolved about them. As if I were watching a very large television. But my laptop and letter for you are very real, I just want to create it and I enjoy it - I really believe that.

So just try to accept this state and settle in it. Or you can reject it altogether, which would mean stopping meditating, probably drinking some alcohol, going to discos with friends, and living a normal material life with other people..

It will not be immediately, but in a few months matter will accept you again and consciousness will also adapt to the new state. At the moment, you have the advantage that you have not yet performed astrally. At this stage, the return to matter is still quite easy, but the moment you experience life independently of matter, it is already very difficult to reject this knowledge and it basically comes as an instinct for self-preservation.

"No, that's not reality. It was a hallucination, I'm normal, etc." I experienced this myself at the age of 16, when I spontaneously performed astrally, without any prior information, and after several such unplanned trips and encounters with terrifying beings (when I was afraid, I automatically attracted the negative), I refused everything internally, but very vigorously.

Spontaneous astral travel disappeared, the beings did not show up, and within a few months I had forgotten that something like this had happened. It wasn't until many years later that I consciously went into this knowledge, and it was as if I had unlocked a long-closed box in which experiences multiplied. One new state and experience came after another, it was very demanding to process and implement into ordinary reality.

But why am I writing this? Because one of the most difficult states I could not accept for a long time was a new perception of reality. A reality in which only what I want to believe is real. But I did it and now I am very grateful for this condition. It gives many options.
And this is the path we take on the course of the student of <Astral.University>.

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